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About WAAV

WAAV’s unrivaled network communication solutions include innovative products, applications, and services focused on information delivery over cellular networks. By making fluctuating and inconsistent wireless network connections reliable and stable, WAAV enables remote and mobile solutions that can be trusted.

Since 2004, WAAV (pronounced “wave”) has continuously led the industry in developing enterprise-class solutions for connectivity. WAAV developed the first 3G mobile cellular router, the first cellular router with integrated GPS for remote tracking, and the first multiple-connection cellular router for broader bandwidths, increased coverage area, and connectivity redundancy. WAAV designs, manufactures, and markets the patented AirBox line of rugged cellular routers to provide the most reliable broadband connectivity. WAAV continues to develop its product line to utilize this connectivity for a growing number of applications while reducing costs and improving performance, reliability, and functionality.

WAAV’s product portfolio covers enterprise, government, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and machine to machine (M2M) markets. Engineering services are available for custom integration and specific industry solutions. WAAV solutions connect your workforce, applications, partners, and customers. World-class reliability, performance, and support are standard with every WAAV product.