Enterprise connectivity

  •   -  Multiple 4G/5G connections
  •   -  Bonding w/ seamless carrier switching
  •   -  VPN passthrough
  •   -  High-capacity Internet backup
  •   -  Ethernet LAN
  •   -  WiFi w/ up to 4 SSIDs
  •   -  Systems monitoring
  •   -  System alerts
  •   -  Cloud management
  •   -  Usage statistics

WAAV means better connectivity  

WAAV AirBox Cellular Routers are designed to be high-capacity seamless Internet connections. The AirBox utilizes multiple cellular Internet connections to give users more bandwidth. The application only sees a single ethernet or WiFi network and the balancing is done “behind the scenes.”

Seamless connectivity for site to site VPNs  

Keep your locations connected when landlines fail. The Bonded AirBox can make a seamless handover between landlines and multiple cellular carriers. An existing VPN tunnel will be able to seamless go over both landline and cellular.