Connectivity for fleets

  •   -  Multiple 4G/5G connections
  •   -  Bonding w/ seamless carrier switching
  •   -  VPN passthrough
  •   -  WiFi w/ up to 4 SSIDs
  •   -  Ethernet LAN
  •   -  GPS fleet management
  •   -  On-board systems monitoring
  •   -  System alerts
  •   -  Cloud management
  •   -  Automated line testing
  •   -  Usage statistics

WAAV means better connectivity  

WAAV’s AirBox provides secure broadband connectivity directly to the vehicle. Don’t rely on a single carrier in an emergency, stay connected with redundant connections over multiple carriers. The AirBox utilizes multiple cellular Internet connections to maintain a consistent and seamless connection. The user only sees a single network and the balancing and bonding are done “behind the scenes.” The AirBox mobile cellular routers provide enhanced safety and productivity to fleet vehicles. Officers can get in-vehicle access to federal, state, and local databases over a secure cellular connection. Connect laptops, video cameras, or any other device over the high-speed cellular network. The AirBox can offer multiple cellular connections for additional bandwidth and redundancy across multiple providers.

Multiple connections  

WAAV's AirBoxes are offered with either a single cellular connection or multiple cellular connections. Multiple connections can be used to provide additional bandwidth to accommodate many users as well as increase coverage by using multiple carriers.


GPS fleet management  

In addition to providing Internet access for passengers, optional GPS fleet management software allows operators to track their vehicles in real-time. Users can view all vehicles at once or zoom in on a specific vehicle and see details such as speed, number of users, etc.

Real-time video surveillance  

Connect on-board cameras to the AirBox and view the video feed in real-time over the existing cellular infrastructure.

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