Web-based dashboard

  •   -  Real-time monitoring
  •   -  Remote management
  •   -  Real-time GPS vehicle tracking
  •   -  Web-based cloud service
  •   -  Historical route map
  •   -  Reports
  •   -  Map cellular signal strength by location

Web-based management

Control Room is WAAV's web-based monitoring and management system. It provides a central place to monitor and manage all of your AirBox routers deployed in the field. Users can track vehicles and see real-time usage statistics from all the deployed AirBoxes in the field.

  -  Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

  •     Real-time vehicle updates
  •     View entire fleet or zoom in on specific vehicle
  •     Historical route map
  •     Google Maps Overlay
  •     Map and satellite views
  •     Map cellular signal strength by location
  •     Speed
  •     Latitude & Longitude
  •     Click & send emails and SMS notifications

  -  Real-time monitoring and events

  •     Remote Management & Logging
  •     View number of connected clients per AirBox
  •     View amount of data transmitted and received per modem/carrier
  •     Remotely administer AirBoxes in the field
  •     Exportable data to CSV
  •     IP Address
  •     Mobile telephone number
  •     Cell Tower ID
  •     Time of last use

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