“WiFi On Trains” Conference Invites WAAV To Discuss – You Guessed it – WiFi on Trains

  • London, UK
  • May 25, 2010

For the second consecutive year, WAAV Inc. President Brian J. Smith is a featured speaker on the future of onboard WiFi for railroads and transit agencies, exploring the operational improvements, reliability and passenger communications made possible by cellular systems. He will be speaking at the Train Communications Systems 2010 Conference in London (http://www.traincomms2010.com), June 2-3, an exclusive global gathering for transit and intercity train executives and leading-edge technology providers.

The annual event brings together industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and services in this fast-moving market. For 2010, a number of train operators share experiences of putting WiFi onto trains and developing cost-cutting new services based on broadband to the train.

WAAV has worked with commuter rail operations and transit bus/rail divisions since 2008, providing reliable, free passenger WiFi across central and eastern New England. By June 2009, WAAV installed cellular routers in the entire fleet of 258 coaches that travel from Providence, RI nearly to the New Hampshire border – a rail network of over 1,000 miles. In other projects with the region’s transit providers, WAAV routers are onboard buses, ferries and stations, delivering:

Real-time video surveillance and integration with existing systems
GPS location and onboard vehicle monitoring
“Next-train technology” for station announcements and geo-location

“Boston was the first commuter rail WiFi installation in North America and we’ve seen passengers on rail and bus systems really find unique ways of using the system,” Smith says. “And the data – from schedules to operating updates, traffic reports and rider feedback – created a truly interactive platform that links transit executives, riders, government agencies and even train crews who are on the move.”

Several major U.S. cities are testing WiFi aboard their transit and heavy rail operations using WAAV’s AirBox technology, which has proved reliable at speeds above 100 mph/ 160kph. Thousands of daily rail passengers easily connect to the wireless Internet connection through a single access page from mobile phones, computers and other devices.

About WAAV:

WAAV (pronounced "wave") offers network communication solutions, applications, and services. WAAV designs, manufactures, and markets the patented AirBox line of rugged cellular routers to provide broadband connectivity, turning vehicles into WiFi hotspots or remote environments into reliable Internet connections. WAAV's Control Room service allows centralized monitoring of all devices in the field. WAAV introduced the first broadband mobile cellular router in 2005 and was the first to offer a multiple-connection cellular router for broader bandwidths, increased coverage area, and redundant connectivity. WAAV continues to develop its product line to improve performance, reliability, and functionality for industry-specific solutions. With world-class reliability, performance, and support, WAAV’s product portfolio covers enterprise, government, fleet, video, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and machine to machine (M2M) markets. Engineering services are available for custom integration and specific industry solutions.