WavBoard Equips Cars with Broadband Internet Connection

  • Cambridge, MA
  • August 10, 2005

The WavBoard, an in-car Internet system, is introducing computer users to a freedom they’ve never had. Developed by San Diego based Omniwav Mobile, the patent pending WavBoard takes a broadband Internet connection and puts it on wheels. Families will enjoy the convenience of its multiple-user feature. Mom and dad can stay connected on their laptops while the kids play Xbox live, do homework, and chat online with friends.

Although it shouldn’t be used while driving, an in-car Internet system is great for passengers. Creating mobile offices in carpools will allow commuters to get a head start on the work day. Professionals who work outside the office now have seamless connectivity. Mobile broadband is also available for boaters; the WavBoard maintains a reliable Internet connection up to 30 miles offshore.

Emergency response vehicles can rely on the high-speed connection while moving up to 100 miles per hour. Ambulances can synchronize data with computers at the hospital. Fire rescue crews can download building schematics en-route.

About WAAV:

WAAV (pronounced "wave") offers network communication solutions, applications, and services. WAAV designs, manufactures, and markets the patented AirBox line of rugged cellular routers to provide broadband connectivity, turning vehicles into WiFi hotspots or remote environments into reliable Internet connections. WAAV's Control Room service allows centralized monitoring of all devices in the field. WAAV introduced the first broadband mobile cellular router in 2005 and was the first to offer a multiple-connection cellular router for broader bandwidths, increased coverage area, and redundant connectivity. WAAV continues to develop its product line to improve performance, reliability, and functionality for industry-specific solutions. With world-class reliability, performance, and support, WAAV’s product portfolio covers enterprise, government, fleet, video, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and machine to machine (M2M) markets. Engineering services are available for custom integration and specific industry solutions.