Mobile Broadband Company Becomes WAAV Allowing Users to Surf the Web at 70 MPH

  • Cambridge, MA
  • September 28, 2006

Omniwav Mobile, Inc. has announced a change in corporate identity as it continues to focus on mobile broadband solutions. WAAV (pronounced “wave”), the new identity, was originally a subdivision of the company focused on consumer products. WAAV released the CM3 Wi-Fi cellular router this summer priced at $399 initially targeting the mobile consumer market. Due to its popularity with enterprise customers, WAAV has now turned the initial consumer product into an expandable mobile broadband platform with capabilities for the entire spectrum of vehicles. The CM3 cellular router has an installed base in personal vehicles, enterprise and government fleets, as well as municipal buses. This platform enables WAAV to have the best-priced consumer solution for mobile broadband while supporting enterprise expandability.

The CM3 cellular router has added enormous value to the WAAV brand. WAAV made a splash this summer when it announced the CM3 cellular router for $399 with a 2-year activation on the Sprint network. The router provides a mobile broadband Internet connection turns any vehicle into its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Multiple users can connect simultaneously and surf the Internet while cruising the freeway. Unlike most other cellular routers on the market, the CM3 was designed specifically for the mobile environment. The ruggedized unit is fully self-contained and has external antenna connectors that are generally preferred for vehicular use. Additionally, WAAV’s cellular router has features generally limited to enterprise products: the optional GPS receiver allows remote tracking of an entire fleet while providing drivers secure broadband communication with the head office.

The company’s head office has been relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts, close to the world’s leading academic and research institutions. Ongoing research includes features and enhancements to mobile broadband for consumer, business, fleet, government, and mass transit.

Consumers purchase the CM3 to have an Internet connection while on the road or at play. As a productivity tool for executives, it enables individuals to stay in touch with the office while away. The WAAV CM3 cellular router allows car-time to be used as time for personal pleasure as well.For families, children can enjoy the benefits of using IM on the raod, playing Xbox 360 Live, or watching live TV from their SlingBox while on the road. Packages for boats are also available.

Enterprises are installing broadband connections in their vehicles to increase the productivity of their mobile workforce and provide seamless connectivity to professionals who spend time on the road or outside the office. Carpooling commuters can get a head start on their workday. The built-in Wi-Fi hotspot provides repairmen and service professionals secure access to their office-based intranet even while in a customer's house or on a telephone pole. An optional GPS receiver allows fleet managers to track their vehicles in real time to save time and money for service calls, deliveries, and inventory routing. Enterprise management functions for large corporations are available.

Government agencies are equally excited about the WAAV CM3. As governments are pressured to become increasingly more efficient, the WAAV CM3 answers the call by replacing slow narrowband connections with broadband Internet access to mobile public service vehicles such as police cruisers, government officials, utility trucks, municipal buses, emergency command centers, fire trucks, ambulances, and military vehicles. Access databases faster, be connected while on the road, and use downtime in your vehicle more efficiently. In addition, a central office coordinator can manage a fleet of vehicles in real-time.

About WAAV:

WAAV (pronounced "wave") offers network communication solutions, applications, and services. WAAV designs, manufactures, and markets the patented AirBox line of rugged cellular routers to provide broadband connectivity, turning vehicles into WiFi hotspots or remote environments into reliable Internet connections. WAAV's Control Room service allows centralized monitoring of all devices in the field. WAAV introduced the first broadband mobile cellular router in 2005 and was the first to offer a multiple-connection cellular router for broader bandwidths, increased coverage area, and redundant connectivity. WAAV continues to develop its product line to improve performance, reliability, and functionality for industry-specific solutions. With world-class reliability, performance, and support, WAAV’s product portfolio covers enterprise, government, fleet, video, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and machine to machine (M2M) markets. Engineering services are available for custom integration and specific industry solutions.